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Product Name: LAUNCH TS971 TPMS Bluetooth Activation Tool Wireless Car Tire Pressure Sensor Monitoring 433Mhz/315Mhz
Part No.: LX047
Net Weight: 4.5KG
Price: $198

LAUNCH TS971 Introduction :   
LAUNCH TS971 integrates diagnostic functions of a variety of car models, with TPMS trouble light reset, sensor ID, battery status, tire pressure and temperature read, TPMS sensor activation and matching as well. It better meets the needs of auto repair shop, tire assembly line, individual owner and tire repair shop to diagnose, activate and match the TPMS system and the tire pressure sensors. 
LAUNCH TS971 Features: 
1.Activate the TPMS sensors of most vehicle brands globally with right protocols; 
2.Read tire pressure, temperature sensor ID and battery level; Duplicate or generate the new 3.sensor ID after sensor replacement; Rewrite the sensor position into the ECU after sensor rotation; 
4.Help guide and software update subscription; Search by make-mode-year; 

5.Tested sensor history query; Read and clear TPMS fault code. 

LAUNCH TS971 Specification: 
Display screen : 4inch TFT screen, resolution 320*480 
OBD supply voltage: 9-18V 
USB supply voltage:5V 
Battery: Lithium-ion battery, 3100mAh,3.7V 
Activate sensor frequency: 125KHz 
Receive sensor frequency: 315MHz/433MHz 
Working temperature: -10 to 50鈩 
Storage temperature: -20 to 70鈩 
Storage humidity: 10%~93% 
Weight :<460g 
Drop: It won't be damaged in case of falling from 1 meter high. 
Boot time: <5s, time from pressing power button to the main menu 
Button response: 1 second 

Working hour:  A year and a half in power off state;5.5 hours in working condition. 

LAUNCH TS971 Supported Cars: 
for Acura , for Alfa Romeo , for Aston Martin , for Audi , for Bentler ,for BMW ,for Bugatti, for Buick, for Cadillac, for Chevrolet ,  For Chrysler , for Coda , for ,Dodge , for Ferrari , for Fiat , for Fisker, for Ford , for Freightliner , for Genesis , for GMC , for Honda Motorcycle, for Honda , for Hummer , for Hyundai , for Infiniti , for Isuzu , for Jaguar ,for Jeep, for Kia , for Lamborghini , for Land Rover , for Lexus , for Lincoln , for Lotus , for Maserati , for Maybach ,for Mazda, for Mclaren ,for Mercedes, for Mercury , for Mini , for Mitsubishi , for Nissan , for Plymouth , for Pontiac, for Ram , for Rolls Royce , for Saab , for Saturn ,for Scion ,for Smart , for Subaru, for Suzuki , for Tesla , for Toyota ,for Volkswagen , for Volvo , for VPG  
LAUNCH TS971 Packing List: 
1*USB cable 
1*Memory card 
1*OBDII cable 
1*User Manual 
1*Card reader 

(Note: The magnet is only used to activate the tire pressure sensors equipped by part old vehicle models. When using, please put the magnet near to the gas nozzle while receiving the signal sent from the sensor with the device.) 

LAUNCH TS971 pictures display :

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